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"G20" Logo: Bundesregierung

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"Topics" photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann
"Summit" photo: Hamburg Messe und Congress/H. G. Esch, Ingenhoven Architects
"Participants" photo: Bundesregierung
"Calendar" photo: Bundesregierung/Stutterheim
"Meeting venue" photo: Hamburg Marketing/Jörg Modrow
"Summit documents" photo: Bundesregierung/Tybussek
"Dialogue with civil society" photo: Bundesregierung/Denzel
"Specialised ministers' meetings" photo: Getty Images/AFP/Zach Gibson
"Historical overview" photo: Bundesregierung/Kugler
"Questions and answers" photo: picture alliance/Bildagentur-online

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"Press releases" photo: Bundesregierung/Denzel
"Press conferences" photo: Bundesregierung/Kugler
"Photo download" photo: Bundesregierung/Kugler
"Accreditation" photo: Bundesregierung/Faßbender
"Arrival" photo: Burkhard Peter
"Media centre" photo: Imago

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"User information" photo: Bundesregierung/Stutterheim
"Photo credits" photo: Bundesregierung/Kühler
"Statement on data protection" photo: Bundesregierung/Tybussek
"Contact" photo: Aperto
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