German G20 Presidency

G20 Summit Declaration and other documents

A number of documents and declarations were drawn up and adopted during the German G20 Presidency. Below is a list of the most important of these documents.

traditional family photo The G20 summit kicked off with the traditional family photo Photo: Bundesregierung/Güngör

G20 Summit 2017, 7- 8. July 2017, Hamburg

Summit Declaration of the Heads of State and Government

Statement on Countering Terrorism / Erklärung zur Bekämpfung des Terrorismus

  • G20 Leaders’ Statement on Countering Terrorism / Erklärung der Staats- und Regierungschefs der G20 zur Bekämpfung des Terrorismus (English / German)

Agreed Documents

  • Hamburg Action Plan (English)
  • G20 Hamburg Climate and Energy Action Plan for Growth / Aktionsplan der G20 von Hamburg zu Klima und Energie für Wachstum (English / German)
  • Hamburg Update: Taking forward the G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda (English)
  • Annual Progress Report 2017 (English)
  • G20 Marine Litter Action Plan (English)
  • Partnership with Africa / G20-Afrika-Partnerschaft (English / German)
  • G20 Initiative for Rural Youth Employment (English)
  • High Level Principles on the Liability of Legal Persons / Hochrangige G20-Grundsätze zur Verantwortlichkeit juristischer Personen für Korruption (English / German)
  • High Level Principles on Organizing against Corruption / Hochrangige G20-Grundsätze zu Organisationsmaßnahmen gegen Korruption (English / German)
  • High Level Principles on Countering Corruption in Customs / Hochrangige G20-Grundsätze zur Bekämpfung von Korruption im Zollwesen (English / German)
  • High Level Principles on Combatting Corruption related to Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Wildlife Products / Hochrangige G20-Grundsätze zur Bekämpfung der Korruption im Zusammenhang mit dem illegalen Handel mit wildlebenden Tieren und Pflanzen und daraus gewonnenen Produkten (English / German)
  • G20 Initiative #eSkills4Girls (English / German)
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Facility (English)
  • Resource Efficiency Dialogue (English)

Ministerial Statements

Agriculture Ministers, 22 January 2017, Berlin

  • Agriculture Ministers’ Declaration / Agrarministererklärung (English / German)
  • Agriculture Ministers’ Action Plan / Agrarminister Aktionsplan (English / German)

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, 17-18 March 2017, Baden-Baden

Digital Ministers, 6 - 7 April 2017, Düsseldorf (English / German)

  • A Roadmap for Digitalisation: Policies for a Digital Future
  • Digital skills in vocational education and training
  • G20 Priorities on Digital Trade

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, 20-21 April, Washington D.C.

Labour and Employment Ministers, 18-19 May 2017 Bad Neuenahr (English)

  • G20 Priorities on the Future of Work
  • G20 Policy Recommendation to reduce gender gaps in labour force participation and pay by improving women´s job quality
  • G20 Policy practices for the fair and effective labour market integration of regular migrants and refugees
  • G20 Statement on the Global Prevention Inititiative "Vision Zero Fund"

Gesundheitsminister, 19-20 May 2017, Berlin (English / German)

  • Berlin Declaration / Berliner Erklärung

Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacities Ministers, 30 November 2017, Berlin

  • Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity Report / Bericht des G20 Global Forums zum Abbau der Überkapazitäten im Stahlsektor (english)

G20 Working Group Documents

International Organisations Reports

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