Logo and motto of Germany’s G20 presidency.

Reef knot symbolises interconnectedness

"Our task is to shape the interconnected world". With these words, the Federal Chancellor expressed the focus of Germany’s 2017 G20 presidency agenda. The animated logo stands for the interconnectedness of the various issues. Individual paths join together to form strands and end in a reef knot.

Since time immemorial, seafaring has been a symbol of trade, transformation and encounter. Sailors know the reef knot as a stable and elastic tie. The digital age and the globalised world are marked by increasing diversity and complexity, to which worries and hopes are attached.

The interconnected world is a world of simultaneity and ever closer connection. It is a challenge for policy makers, but it also expands their possibilities for action. Germany's presidency has set itself the ambitious goal of shaping this world in cooperation with all G20 partners.

Our agenda is based on three pillars: Building resilience, improving sustabinability, assuming responsibility. Global prosperity requires strong international cooperation and reliable ties. The chances of everyone benefitting from it have never been greater.

Whether animated or static, the reef knot binds even more when traction is high, and it fits Hamburg, a summit venue looking back on a long maritime and thus cosmopolitan tradition. A city which is itself well connected and which seizes the opportunities that the globalised world offers.

Thursday, 1 December 2016