G20 Hamburg 7 - 8 July Transponder datas of the satellite transmission of the world feed of the Berlin Modell

Year of issue: 2017
Date: July 2, 2017

(as at: 2 of July 2017; subject to change)

For planning purposes only – not for publication

World feed (host broadcaster)

Due to security and spatial reasons, the German public and private broadcasters have reached agreement on providing a world feed (host broadcaster) based on the “Berlin model” during the G20 Summit in Hamburg. It will be available via satellite under the conditions applicable to the “Berlin model” set out below. Transponder datas of the satellite are:

Weltbild 1_G20 Gipfel 2017 HH
D-265 Fernsehwerft 1 | DVB-S2 SR: 7.200 FEC: 3/4 H.264 422 HD 1080i
Eut07 B | F6 | Slot B | 14.185,830 MHz (X) | 12.685,830 MHz (Y)

Weltbild 2_G20 Gipfel 2017 HH
D-278 Fernsehwerft 3 | DVB-S2 SR: 7.200 FEC: 3/4 H.264 422 HD 1080i
Eut07 B | F6 | Slot A | 14.176,830 MHz (X) | 12.676,830 MHz (Y)

No other live technology will be permitted in the conference area or in other secure areas linked to the G20 Summit.

Use of world feed
Under the "Berlin model" the world feed is available free of charge and without copyright charges, including for online use and archiving purposes.

However, broadcasts of the Global Citizen Concert and other concerts are subject to legal restrictions on the part of the performing artists. Information regarding these restrictions will be provided in due course.

Contact for technical queries concerning the world feed (“Berlin model”)

Mr Björn König
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41568 1900